Mayor’s introduction

Kei te arotahi mātou ki te kaunekenga tauwhiro, me te mahi whakatinana i tō mātou pūmanawa nohopuku ā-ōhanga

Koromatua Justin Lester

I tēnei wā tonu, kei te haruru a Pōneke, engari, he nui tonu ake ngā mahi hei whakatutuki, kia kaha pai ake ai. Ahakoa ngā whakatara nui i puta nā runga i te rūwhenua o tērā tau, kei te tupu rawa tō tātou ōhanga. Nā runga i te ū o te katoa o ngā tāngata o tō mātou rōpū, kei runga mātou i te ara tōtika ki te whakatipu i a Pōneke me te whakarite, ka noho tonu a Pōneke hei wāhi tumeke rawa.

Kei te tere tipu tō tātou taupori. Ko te tikanga o tēnei, kei te whai kiko ā mātou mahi taupatupatu me ētahi atu taone huri noa i te ao, mō te whai hunga whai pūmanawa. Otirā, nā runga i te kaha tipu o te taupori, me huri mātou ki te whakapiki ake i ō mātou haumi whare, haumi waka, me te haumi hanganga, kia noho whakarunga tonu ai te kounga oranga.

Ko te whakarite whare noho te whakatara nui rawa atu. E pīrangi ana mātou kia whai toronga ngā tāngata katoa o Pōneke ki ngā whare noho. Hei wāhanga ki tērā, kei te whai mātou ki te whakatū i ngā whare hou pāpori, māmā hoki ki te hoko, e 750, i ngā tekau tau e tū mai nei. Kei te tirotiro anō hoki mātou ki ngā mahi whakapaipai i ngā whare o te pokapū taone hei kainga noho hou, me te hoatu i tētahi moni tuku e $5000 ki ngā kaiwaihanga whare-tuatahi, me te whakangāwari ake i ngā whakaaetanga kia māmā ake te mahi hanga whare, me te tuku haumi mō te Whare Okioki, he momo whiringa wāhi noho mā te hunga kua mōhio rawa ki tēnei mea, te kainga kore whare mau tonu me te maurutanga waipiro wā-roa. He mea tuatahi tēnei ki Aotearoa, ā, kei te mahia ngātahi e mātou me te Manatū Whakahiato Ora.

Ko tā mātou arotahi i ngā marama tata kua hori, ko te kaupapa kauneke tauwhiro, me te mahi whakatinana i tō mātou pūmanawa nohopuku ōhanga. Ko te tikanga o tēnei, ko te whakatutuki pai i ngā mahi matua me te arotahi anō hoki ki ngā kaupapa kōkiri hou ka āwhina i a Pōneke kia noho ngahau ai, tātāwhāinga hoki. Me pai ake, me kamakama ake ā mātou mahi, ā, me te hōpara i te whakaaro ki te whakatū i tētahi pokapū pūoro ā-motu, hei kaupapa mahitahi me te Tira Whakatangi Pūoro o Aotearoa me te Whare Wānanga o te Ūpoko o te Ika a Māui.

Kei te haumi anō mātou ki roto i tō mātou kōtuinga waka hei whakatenatena i ngā kainoho ki te haere mā ngā waka tūmataiti, mā raro, mā te paihikara rānei. Kua whakaraupapatia e mātou te rāngai toi, e kaha nei ki te hoatu i te āhuatanga o tō tātou taone.

Whai muri i te au o te rūwhenua, i whakaritea e mātou te manahau hei tino mahi tuatahi. I te tau 2014 i puta a Pōneke hei wāhanga o te kōtuinga Taone Manahau 100, i tīmataria e te Rockefeller Foundation i te pito tōmua o tēnei tau, i whakaputaina e mātou tō mātou ake rautaki manahau, e whakatakoto ana i te mahere whakatutukinga āmiki ki te whakataka pai ake i ngā kainoho o Pōneke mō ngā tauwhatinga. Huri noa i te tau, e mahi tata ana mātou me ngā rangatira o ngā whare whakawhiti noa i te taone e pā ana ki te mahi whakapakari hanganga, a, i tīmataria hoki e mātou tētahi mahinga tuatahi ā-ao ki te tūwiri mō te wai māori i raro i te moana, hei whiringa mātāpuna mō te whakaputunga wai.

Ko tō mātou whāinga ko te tuku i ngā mahi e whakarato ana i te uara pai rawa mō te moni. Kei te noho pai ā mātou pukapuka pūtea engari, me kaha tonu tā mātou mahi matawhāiti mehemea e pīrangi ana mātou ki te whakaiti ake i ngā rēti. Ko te tikanga o tēnei, ko te noho arotahi ki runga i ngā wāhanga ka āwhina i a tātou kia tū manahau ake, hei taone ngākau titikaha, me te whai mahi nui tonu te utu, me te whai whare ka taea noa iho te hoko, me tētahi pūnaha waka māia, me tētahi tirohanga ahurea ngahau.

He wā whakataratara, whakaongaonga hoki tēnei. He nui ngā mahi hei whakatutuki ā, kāore mātou mō te noho ki runga i ō mātou ringaringa. I tēnei wā tonu, kei runga a Poneke i te huarahi tika. Kei te haumi mātou i roto i tō mātou taone mō ngā rā ki mua, e mahi tahi ana mātou ki te whakapakari ake, me te whakapai ake i runga i te āhua o tōna noho i nāianei mō te katoa.

Mayor Justin Lester signature.

Nā Justin Lester

Our focus is on sustainable growth and realising our economic potentialTop

Mayor Justin Lester

Mayor Justin Lester

Right now, Wellington is humming, but there’s more work to be done to make it even better. Despite the huge challenges that have come from last year’s earthquake, our economy is booming. Thanks to the commitment of everyone on our team, we’re on track to grow Wellington and ensure it remains a great place to be.

Our population is growing fast. This means we’re competing effectively with other cities around the world for talent. But a growing population also means we need to invest more in housing, transport, and infrastructure so that quality of life remains high.

Housing is the biggest challenge. We want all Wellingtonians to have access to housing. As part of that, we have agreed to build 750 new social and affordable houses over the next decade and we will explore refurbishing inner city buildings for new apartments. Since July, first-home builders also benefit from a $5000 rates rebate. We’re taking steps to simplify consents to make it easier to build, and investing in Te Whare Oki Oki, an accommodation option for people who have experienced chronic homelessness and long-term alcohol dependence. This is a first in New Zealand and we’re doing it in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development.

Our focus over these past months has been on sustainable growth and realising our economic potential. This means doing the basics well while also focusing on new initiatives that will help Wellington be more vibrant and competitive. We need to work better and smarter, and explore opportunities to work with others. We’re working with Greater Wellington Regional Council to explore building an indoor arena that will draw more international acts. And we’re making progress towards establishing a world-class national centre of music, in partnership with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Victoria University.

We’re also investing in a balanced transport network, doing more to solve congestion, and supporting public transport, walking, and cycling. Our goal is that no matter how you choose to get around Wellington, you can do so easily and affordably. And we’ve prioritised the arts sector that gives the city so much of its character.

In the wake of the earthquake, we’ve also made resilience a priority. In 2014, Wellington became part of the 100 Resilient Cities network, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. Earlier this year, we released our own resilience strategy, which sets out a blueprint to better prepare Wellingtonians for disruptions. Over the past year, we’ve been working closely with building owners across the city on strengthening infrastructure, and we began a world-first operation to drill for freshwater under the sea, which could provide an alternative water supply.

Our goal is to do things in a way that delivers the best value for money. Our books are in good order but we need to be prudent if we want to keep our rates low. This means staying focused on those areas that will help us become a more resilient, confident city, with well-paid jobs, affordable housing, an efficient transport system, and a vibrant cultural scene.

These are challenging and exciting times. There is a lot to get on with and we’re not sitting on our hands. Right now, Wellington is on the right track. We’re investing in the city’s future, and working together to make it stronger and even better than it already is, for everyone.

Mayor Justin Lester signature.

Justin Lester