Overview of our performance

Our long-term approach to developing the city


We adopted a long-term strategic vision for the city

In 2012, we worked extensively with the community and set in place a clear overarching long-term strategic vision for the city called Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital. The vision is supported by four broad goals:

We have a number of plans, strategies and policies that guide us in delivering our vision for the city.


We invested to grow with our 10-year plan

The Long-term Plan 2015–25 was based on a strong investment programme to stimulate the economy and transform Wellington to achieve its vision. Without a growing rating base and strong economy, it would be difficult to make the necessary investments to achieve the vision outlined in 2012.

In the preceding years, the global financial crisis muted economic confidence, inward migration and new business formation. And for cities like Wellington, which compete on the global stage for smart businesses, students, jobs, and trade and investment, it was important to lead the way.

The 10-year plan ensured core services were delivered to a high standard and included investment in economic stimulus projects such as a tech centre and the Movie Museum and Convention Centre to position Wellington and its communities for a stronger and more prosperous future.



Annual Plan 2016/17 and Triennium Plan

The Annual Plan 2016/17 continued the pathway outlined in the Long-term Plan 2015–25. The plan focused on economic stimulus projects and delivering essential services to a high standard. In addition to doing the basics well, areas of focus for year two of the Long-term Plan included:

Shortly after the election and induction process, the Mayor and Councillors met with over 200 key city stakeholders, and identified goals and a draft work programme for the remainder of the three-year period. The Triennium Plan will be used to guide the development of the Long-term Plan 2018–28 and budgets.

Making the city more resilient and better able to cope with environmental shocks, such as earthquakes and climate change was an area of focus for year two of the Long-term Plan